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Power Rangers Super Samurai Episode Review: "Samurai Forever"

December 9, 2012

It’s been a long time… since February 2011… What’s that? There’s still a new episode next week? Ok then, I’ll save the spiel for next week then. Let’s get this review of the story finale over with.

I’ll admit, as a stand alone episode, it was ok. Nothing special, just ok. For a finale to a Power Rangers season though, that’s unacceptable. Was it the episode’s fault, or was it just that I don’t really care for the show, and thus didn’t have any excitement to begin with? Mostly the second part, although there were still some flaws I wasn’t happy with.

Let’s get the good out of the way though. The unmorphed fight sequences looked great. It was nice to see the whole team kicking butt out of suit and with their weapons. There was a lot of original in-suit fight footage, which looked very nice. I loved the new footage of the rangers fighting Xandred and it looked pretty sweet. Jayden transforming into Shogun Mode (out of the cockpit for once!) looked awesome, as the fight was pretty nice too (minus Jayden stating the obvious about hitting Xandred’s weak spot.) It was also nice to see the rangers un-morphed in the cockpit (Although it would have been more awesome to see them helmet-less during this scene. Or during the role call at the end… but I suppose one can only dream.) It was great to see so many things finally be implemented.

But see, that’s part of the problem. Some of these things should have been implemented. Why wasn’t Shogun Mode used more out of the cockpit? Writers, you made a nice attempt by saying only Lauren’s Shiba Disk could unlock it out of the cockpit (When did that disc get made anyway?) but I’m not letting it slide. Why can’t it be used out of the cockpit? Why does a disc need to be used to use a suit of armor out the cockpit? When I see these things, it just makes me sad that they didn’t use it further in the series. Which is just a damn shame.

I did also love the Skull cameo at the end. It was nice to see Bulk and Skull together again, if only briefly. And that was a nice gag seeing Skull and Spike get hit for once, and having Bulk laugh at them. That was a nice touch. But still, it felt weird having Bulk and Spike act like they were a big part of the finale when they weren’t. Heck, it felt weird having them treat this episode like the end of a story arc for them… when they didn’t really have an arc to begin with. Again, more missed opportunities. What a shame. Still, this scene was the highlight of the episode.

Now, there were some issues I had with the episode. One, the treatment of Lauren again is kind of sad, as she once again feels like an after thought or pathetic. Lauren’s speech while making the new Shiba Flame Disc felt degrading to her character, and just make me furious how the writers are treating the girls in this series. I’m still furious that she couldn’t fight alongside the rangers in the finale… ESPECIALLY since they were filming a lot of new footage for this episode. She could have easily joined them. There’s one other thing considering Lauren I’m upset about, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

There’s also a few gripes I have with everything up to the final scene. Like the power-up disc Jii gave Jayden, saying it was from his father. Ji says his father asked him to save it for an important moment, like the upcoming battle. My question is this… why didn’t Ji give it to him earlier? No seriously, why? He knew the rangers were going to fight Xandred, why not give the power-up disc then? I’d also like to point out two flaws with the Megazord sequence. One being the fact that the rangers have a discussion in the Megazord about what to do… and the entire time Xandred just stands there. Kind of weird. And don’t get me started on this episode having another case of very poor, lazy editing. One moment, we have the Battlewing Megazord walking towards Xandred, next minute he strikes the Samurai Megazord… and then suddenly we see the Battlewing Megazord lose a few zords and the Samurai Megazord walking towards him (all while the rangers continue to state the obvious.) THAT IS INEXCUSABLE. Lazy editing like that should get someone fired.

As for the ending scene, it was ok. Unlike others, I’m not confused about Lauren leaving. She lived somewhere else for awhile, and probably has family and friends there. She said she would be visiting often, so it’s fine. I loved her response to Jayden asking if she wanted to say goodbye to the others. I know what her response was, and I know it was unintended, but it looked like she was trying to make an excuse to not say goodbye to the others. I chuckled at that. The others were jerks to her, why should she have to say goodbye to them? And heck, after see leaves, none of them ask where she is or want to say goodbye to her. Jerks.

It was kind of nice to see what the rangers were going to do next. Kind of. Kevin and Antonio’s plans were in character. Mia is apparently going to a culinary school… and is apparently aware that no one liked her cooking. Not sure when she realized that… Also, Emily is going home to her sister, and Mike is following her because they are apparently dating. Even though they showed little signs of attraction in the series besides Clash, which was made at last minute. I should be saying they should have made more scenes to develop a relationship between the two… but I’m frightened by how Samurai would handle that. Other than that, the rest of the scene was ok. Everyone leaves and Jayden gets a new guitar while Ji says he’s going to teach him how to have fun. Because apparently Jayden doesn’t know how to have a real life. But who am I to judge?

Overall, it was an ok episode on its own merits. For a finale though, it could have been better. But I suppose that’s less of the episode’s fault, and more of the season’s fault. This was a lackluster, disappointing season. But there were still plenty of faults the episode had, which prevent it from being one of the best episodes of the season. It was just ok, which is inexcusable for a finale.

But, I suppose I’ll be generous because of a nice Skull cameo and reunion, as well as a decent Shogun Mode fight scene. What the hell, I’ll give it a 3/5, even though with that big editing error, along with a few other issues, I should be giving it a 2.

Next week is the final episode. Although the story is over, we still have a holiday special to get through. So, I’ll see you next week for “Stuck on Christmas” as we finally say goodbye to Super Samurai and Samurai as a whole. Plus, I’ll give my full thoughts on Samurai as a whole next week as well. See you then.


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