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Power Rangers Super Samurai Review: "Stuck on Christmas"

December 15, 2012

We’re done. We’re finally done. I’ll save my talk on how Samuari/Super Samurai was as a whole for another post. It’s time to wrap up this final review and end this chapter of the PR Saga once and for all.

This Holiday Special did do a few things better than last year’s special. We had a monster fight in the beginning (even if it was brief) that was ok. (Although the “DON’T YOU DARE MENTION SANTA’S NAME!!!!” thing was kind of pushing it.) It was kind of cool to see the rangers move around and interact with the Megazord for once. Maybe if the show was handled a little better, this scenario of being stuck in the megazord could have been much, much better. The only thing I didn’t care for was the constant whining from Mike, who continues to look like a jerk to me. But I digress.

It was nice to see Bulk and Spike at the Shiba House and interact with Mentor Ji for a little while. Although was puzzles me is that this clip show seemed to have more character/story development (at least on the Bulk and Skull side) than story episodes, which seemed a little bizarre to me. Similar to Party Monsters, it just feels weird when a clip show has a little more originality and heart than the story episodes. It just goes to show the many issues Samurai/Super Samurai has. For instance, how (at least how I interpreted it) apparently Bulk and Spike’s job helping Antonio was apparently a temp job. Or how Mentor Ji actually coming to like/bond with Bulk and Spike. Or even how Mentor Ji giving Bulk and Spike a chance to actually meet the rangers (briefly) in Ranger Form. It just seems odd for a clip show to be doing what the story episodes should have been doing.

My only real big gripe with the episode was the lack of Lauren flashbacks. Although I suppose since those episodes lead up to the finale and have the cast go their separate ways, it was in the best interests of the show to have this episode take place before those events.

Overall, I’ll give this episode a 3/5. It had some nice originality, Bulk and Spike interaction, and a nice little monster fight. Still, it is a clip show, and it wasn’t one of the best episodes of Samurai, despite doing a few things the story episode did. Overall, it wasn’t bad at all. It just makes me sad that a clip show was able to more than most of the show could do.

And with that, we conclude the new episode reviews for the year. Thanks for sticking around each week for my reviews on the new episodes. I’ll be back next year for episode reviews of the 20th anniversary series, Power Rangers Megaforce. Until then, Happy Holidays!


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