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DVD Review: The Dark Knight Rises

December 18, 2012

You can purchase this product here. Photo was obtained from same area.

WARNING: Some Spoilers Present.

The Dark Knight Rises is an interesting beast of a movie. On one hand, there are some moments in the movie that seem a little too absurd (like the opening plane scene). There’s also some holes in the plot that are noticeable. Yet, at the same time, this is a very enjoyable movie despite all of this. Maybe this is because this is a comic book movie and we can just wave away these things because that’s how comic stories go. Or maybe it’s just good enough as a movie that it’s very easy to wave away these issues and still fall in love with it. I like to say it’s a little of both.

The Dark Knight Rises is a very enjoyable movie, and lives up to being a sequel to both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Is it better than both movies? Well, your millage may vary. I know some people who have seen issues with both previous films. Personally, I still believe The Dark Knight is the best of the trilogy, and knew it was going to be very difficult for this movie to top that. Still, this sequel did its job, and it did its job well. It had to be an enjoyable sequel/ending to The Dark Knight and the trilogy. And it was.

The returning cast did a fine job as usual. Christian Bale did a very wonderful job as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Yes, he still does the Bat Growl, but I don’t think anyone can say that meant he did an awful job as Batman. He still showed a lot of emotion as Bruce Wayne, and I think has the role nailed. Michael Caine did a great job as Alfred once again, although he was really only present for the first half of the movie. Sadly, despite his leave halfway through the movie, I didn’t see Bruce Wayne hurt over everyone’s favorite Bulter leaving than he was supposed to be, which I feel is a missed oppertunity the movie set up. Gary Oldman also returns and continues to nail his role as Jim Gordon.

The best characters of the movie though are newcomers Bane and Catwoman/Selina Kyle though, who both steal the show. Tom Hardy plays a very entertaining villain, which coming off the heals of The Joker in the last movie was a very difficult task. My only issue with the way his character was handled was after the reveal of Talia Al Ghul, Bane ended up feeling more like a henchman than the evil mastermind who was both menacing in mind and in body. That being said, it only felt that way for a short part of the movie, so all is forgiven. Anne Hathaway plays a very good job as Selina Kyle, and has actually made this role one of my favorite versions of Catwoman, or at least my favorite in movie versions. She definitely can hold her own in the film, and Nolan did a great job casting and directing her.

Overall, I say this movie is well worth your time. Can it be a little silly/have plot holes at times? Yes, but what comic book movie doesn’t have that issue? It’s all about the ride, and I believe The Dark Knight Rises gives a very, very enjoyable ride. And considering most comic book movie series’ track record for third films, I’d say that means a job well done.

As for the DVD I received, the quality is very good and looks great on my television. However, the dvd version is very bare minimum compared to the Blu-ray, which disappoints me. I would have preferred a dvd special edition with more special features instead of keeping them all on Blu-ray, which is a current trend with dvd releases I’m not a fan of at all. There is one special feature on the dvd covering Bruce Wayne’s journey, but it’s not really all that special. Still, if you want to complete your Dark Knight Trilogy dvd collection, I’d say for under $10, it’s worth a buy. Otherwise, if you have a Blu-ray player, or don’t own the other two films on dvd, pass it. There are plenty of other ways to watch The Dark Knight Rises, and its worth your money more to buy the movie on its own through digital media or another option than get the bare minimum dvd release.

I give the movie a 4/5, and the dvd a 3/5. Go watch the movie, but pass on the dvd unless you need to complete your collection like I did.


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