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VR Troopers Episode Review: The Battle Begins Part II

January 8, 2013

(This is a review of Part II of VR Trooper’s First Major Episodes, The Battle Begins. For a review of Part I, please click here.)

Picking up where Part I began, Ryan Steele is still hurt after his first battle with Grimlord’s minions. After a flashback with his father as a child, he is eventually located by JB and Katlin through Professor Hart’s computers. The Duo question why Ryan’s Armor didn’t protect him, and the Professor explains that while the armor has special powers and abilities, they will still be responsible for defending themselves properly. This was a very nice explanation for the question brought up in the previous episode, and also does a nice job of raising the threat level in the audience’s mind (even if we do know the heroes are always going to come out ok.)

As JB and Katlin rush over to find Ryan Steele in Katlin’s car (which was somehow upgraded by the Professor without their knowledge… hurray for wacky hijinks!), Grimlord’s minions detect that Ryan Steele is alive and that the other VR Troopers are racing over to his location. Grimlord orders his Skugs to find and defeat the troopers. As the duo reach Ryan’s location, they are attacked and quickly confront the Skugs unmorphed in a decent fight scene. After that, they quickly rush over Ryan, in-suit, to the lab so the professor can heal/get him out of the armor.

After more wacky hijinks with Jeb the Dog being zapped by lab equipment and given the ability to talk, we get a few brief scenes with the trio training in the dojo Ryan and JB work at, as well as another brief scene with Katlin and her boss Woody that sets up Katlin getting to work on another story. Again, not that much focus on either areas since we still have quite a few things to set up. You’ll see a lot more of both areas and side characters in later episodes.

Katlin, while investigating a story, discovers Grimlord’s army starting to enter their world, and races back to the Dojo to inform Ryan and JB. Realizing that Grimlord is starting up an all-out assault, they quickly transform and split into two groups. Ryan takes the giant airship the Professor and his father built, while JB and Katlin head into the army’s main base to destory it.

JB and Katlin’s fight in the base is by far the best part of the episode, as I like the banter between the two as they try to get out of the base after placing explosives. I’m hoping for more banter like this in future episodes. Meanwhile, after blowing up the base, JB and Katlin are ambushed by a ground assault team, forcing Ryan to take a ground assault vehicle in another decent combat scene. It’s a little cheesy, but hey, it’s a 90s Saban show. It’s what we pay for.

Following the fight, the gang returns to the lab where they are congratulated by the Professor and Jeb. The trio wish to know if the fight is over, but the Professor warns them that they’ve only just begun. This is confirmed by Grimlord, who temporarily hacks into the system to deliver the usual “I’ll get you next time!!!” villain line.

Final Thoughts: I found Part II to be much more enjoyable than Part I. Of course, Part I had a lot to set up, so I can give some leeway to it. However, Part II had some very nice action scenes (especially with JB and Katlin working together) and helped establish each of our main characters a little bit more. The only thing that was kind of weird was the one part with the famous “Slow High-Five”, but that’s not a big deal. Overall, this two-parter was a nice start to VR Troopers, and gets you excited for future episodes.

I give this episode a 4/5, and if you have VR Troopers Season 1, Volume 1 on dvd, you should definitely watch these episodes first (besides for the obvious reasons of these two episodes being the first two episodes) as they are two of the best episodes in the Volume. Check them out and have fun!


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