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New Lego City Undercover Information

February 11, 2013

As we start to get close to a month from its launch day, Nintendo is starting to reveal a little bit more information about Lego City: Undercover. Thanks to NintendoEverything, we have a list of new tidbits about the game.

“The latest Undercover details, posted below, cover a few bits of general information as well as “Act 2″.

– Game world is basically an amalgamation of all major United States cities
– Famous landmarks, bridges and locales are very much inspired by places from San Francisco and New York
– Areas include Brooklyn Bridge and Alcatraz Island-inspired locations
– One disguise gives you access to a grappling gun of sorts
– Can use it to shoot hooks in short bursts
– Can wall-jump, wall-run, and vault
– These are all done by pressing the same button in context-sensitive situations
– Anything clearly made of LEGO bricks can be smashed
– Super Bricks contribute to building other things, such as pads capable of summoning vehicles for Chase, elsewhere
– Act 2 sees players infiltrating a criminal organization by committing crimes
– Use the police audio scanner to find criminals
– Control the scanner with the GamePad directly
– Move the tablet around the world and see a wireframe version of LEGO City
– This lets you detect nearby conversations
– Lock onto a signal and listen to assess whether you need to hear more
– You’ll eventually join a manic, bi-polar mobster named Chan
– Need to distract guards by finding the necessary items to start a nearby party, stealing an expensive car and eventually escorting a VIP to a nearby event
– Some of this included the Lego franchise’s patented ‘break it and build it’ gameplay
– Variety in tasks
– This area apparently counts for roughly one percent of the game
– Vast array of collectibles and secrets
– Game has a quick travel system through LEGO City’s subways”

I find it interesting that Lego City is going to have some landmarks similar to major US cities. That’s actually a neat addition, and considering how nice the game is looking, I’d be interested in seeing how they look in game. Looks like they put a lot of effort into building the city.

Lego City: Undercover comes out March 18th. A review is planned for the game following its release. Check back here regularly as we approach the launch date for more new details about the game.


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