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DVD Review: VR Troopers Season 1, Volume 2

February 18, 2013

Continuing their awesome spree of releasing the Saban Ameri-Toku shows onto dvd, Shout Factory has released the second half of VR Troopers Season 1 on dvd. Now fans of the show can own the entire first season of VR Troopers for the first time ever, and coming one step closer to having the entire VR Troopers series in their hands.

I’ve previously stated that, while the series may be cheesy, and maybe not as memorable as Power Rangers, VR Troopers has a certain charm to it that makes it enjoyable to watch. If you’re cool with cheesy shows (especially 90s cheese), then you should have a good time watching VR Troopers.

Now then, with the second half of the show on DVD, let’s see how well Shout handled this volume. This review will cover the presentation (Box Art, Disc Art, DVD Menu), episode quality (with episode recommendations) and a brief talk about the special feature on disc 3. Without further delay, let’s dig into VR Troopers Season 1, Volume 2.

Box and Disc Art:
Whether it is attracting new customers to look at your dvd, or helping make your DVD collection look even nicer, making your dvd’s box look really nice is very important. While obviously, the most important thing is the content itself, it’s still doesn’t hurt to put effort into your presentation.

Shout Factory did a nice job with Volume 2’s case this time around, improving from what they did with Volume 1’s front cover art, which I found to be a bit bland. With the front cover for Volume 2, the photos of the VR Troopers look MUCH nicer, and has a nice red and orange background behind them. The VR Troopers are not making poses this time around, but rather standing. Which honestly, looks a lot nicer to me. Again this front cover is a big improvement from the previous volume. Only critique would be that JB’s helmet appears to be slightly cutoff, but considering there’s only so many high quality photos, that’s not a big deal at all.

The back cover also looks very nice, with the same red and orange background, plus 3 photos from the series and a shot of the team posing while un-morphed. Again, I felt the Power Ranger dvds were lacking the extra touch that VR Troopers put in their back covers. It’s nice to see this volume keep what worked with Volume 1.

And once again, like with Volume 1, all 3 discs have each of the VR Troopers on it, making the discs look more visually appealing. This was another criticism I had of the Power Rangers dvds, which I’m glad Volume 2 followed Volume 1’s suit and kept the individual heroes on each disc.

DVD Menu:

Shout continues to learn from what they did wrong last time and put in a much nicer looking dvd menu. The dvd menu features clips from the show running on the main page, while having an overall nicer looking menu than Volume 1. Volume 1’s menu felt so bland, while Volume 2’s feels much more… alive and colorful. The transition to the episode list menu is also pretty cool to look at, which is another improvement from Volume 1. Also, both dvds don’t make you sit through a long transition to get to each menu, another plus.

Episode Quality:

While once again, the quality of the episodes didn’t wow me, we’re obvious working with older footage. So for what it is worth, the episodes look nice for their age. This about the highest quality we’re going to get for these episodes at this time, so as long as you keep an open mind about the episode quality, you shouldn’t have any issues with it.

Episode Recommendations:

I personally recommend you check out the four-parter, “Defending Darkheart”, where we finally learn what happened to Ryan Steele’s father. This was the highlight of VR Troopers as a show, and probably the part that VR Trooper fans remember the most. One of the things I wished VR Troopers had more of was storylines from time to time, and this one was probably the show’s most memorable one.

Also, check out the two-parter, “The Rise of The Red Python”. It’s VR Troopers version of the “Green with Evil” storyline from Power Rangers. While maybe not as memorable, or as good, as that episode arc, it is once again nice to see a little bit of a mix up from the average episode’s “random problem of the day”.

Special Feature:

The DVD features an “extended promo” which was the original first look at VR Troopers before it aired on TV. Similar to the MMPR Pilot or the “Galaxy Rangers” feature from the MMPR Box Set, a lot of things in this “extended promo” are different from the aired episodes. Such as the way certain events are introduced in the show, some of the voices of the characters (Professor Hart was played by a different actor) and even a few scenes were different. It’s an interesting look at what VR Troopers could have turned out to be if some of the ideas from that promo ended up happening in the show. A different logo is even used, one that looks pretty awesome.

I should note though, this is NOT the cybertron pilot with Jason David Frank. The three main actors of VR Troopers are in this, so this was made way after the cybertron pilot.

Final Verdict:

Overall, this volume fixed a lot of issues with the first volume. Better presentation, better dvd menus, and even a neat bonus feature (I didn’t think VR Troopers had a lot of bonus features to offer!) If you’re a VR Trooper fan, this is probably the volume you’re going to be the most interested in, considering the two storylines offered in this volume. I say pick it up if you’re a fan of the show, or a fan of Ameri-Toku in general. It’s a great addition to your Toku collection!

You can buy VR Troopers Season 1, Volume 2 here.

Thanks again for reading my review of the dvd. As always, feel free to comment and critique if you see something stupid. Remember, only you can help prevent future stupid moments.

For more news and reviews on Ameri-Toku dvds and more, check back here regularly, as well as at my twitter feed at @TSilentWatcher.

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