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New Look: KyoryuCyan/Kamen Rider Beast Hyper

February 25, 2013

We’ve got our first in show looks at two very important characters coming to both Kyoryuger and Kamen Rider Wizard (Ok, one of them isn’t a new person, as it is a Power-Up, but still…)

Let’s first introduce someone who ISN’T our 6th Ranger for the year, KyoryuCyan. (Information from JEFusion can be found here)

“Ramirez, also known as KyoryuCyan, was chosen by Ankydon, 500 years, to be the “Steel Brave”. He appears in the present, in spirit form, to grant the Kyoryuger the power of Ankydon. It can combine with the Kyoryuzin to form Kyoryuzin Macho!”

I’m not sure what to think about this character. I don’t necessarily have an issue with the color, as I’ve been used to it with Hurricanger/Ninja Storm and Magiranger/Mystic Force’s blue rangers, and I liked their costumes/colors. So no complaints from that end. However, the helmet itself feels rather dull compared to the other Kyoryuger. This is one of many characters who will be shown along with the arrival of a new mecha dinosaur, so I’m hoping future Kyoryuger look a little less… bland. But hey, for a temporary character, he gets the job done. Just hoping for future extra rangers to have a little more creativity than KyoryuCyan costume wise.

KyoryuCyan will appear in the next month on Kyoryuger.

Next up, let’s take a look at Kamen Rider Beast’s Upgraded form, Kamen Rider Beast Hyper, which can be found here from JEFusion.

Beast Hyper can be utilized using the “Hyper” Wizard Ring. His main weapon is the Reflective Beast Gun (Kyomen JyuJu) Mirage Magnum.”

No word on how exactly Beast obtains his Hyper mode, but clearly, it will be glorious. Beast should get his upgrade within the next month.

As for the look, its… interesting. It’s like if you mashed together MagiShine/Solaris Knight with Kamen Rider Meteor Storm. The helmet looks awesome, but the rest of the costume looks… weird. It’s not the worst costume, to be honest, but I’ve seen better power-up forms. Still, this is beast we’re talking about. He’ll make it look awesome in the show.

That’s all for now. For the latest news on all things Toku, the weekly Toku Recap section for my thoughts on the newest episodes, and more, check back here regularly. Also check out my twitter account, @TSilentWatcher.


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