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The Toku Recap (Weekend of February 23rd, 2013)

February 26, 2013

Welcome back to another weekly recap of the newest episodes of the latest Toku shows from overseas! For those of you who didn’t see last week’s post, remember that this segment will primarily be a recap of what happened in the shows this week, with a brief review following it. The review won’t be as detailed as the Power Ranger reviews (nor will Power Rangers be covered here, as this segment isn’t covering Ameri-Toku). Also remember, the recap won’t be posted until all shows for the week are subbed and available for all to see.

Also, please be aware that Akibaranger Season 2 and Garo: The One Who Shines in The Darkness (3rd Season of Garo) will join the Recap following their premiere episodes, which will actually be around the same time, as Garo airs April 5th in Japan, while Akibaranger airs April 6th.

Anyway, this week we have a theme of heroes working together, and a little bit more insight into the lives of some of our heroes. Let’s take a look into this week’s newest episodes of Kyoryuger and Kamen Rider Wizard!

Kyoryuger: Brave (Episode) 2

This week’s Kyoryuger picked up where last week’s left off. The other four Kyoryuger(s) do not wish to reveal their identities, leaving Daigo (KyoryuRed) to wonder who they are exactly. This episode primarily focuses on KyoryuBlue’s (Nobuharu) backstory, although KyoryuPink’s (Amy) backstory is discussed a bit also. Nobuharu lives with his younger sister (who is a single mother) and her daughter in order to help her out. Apparently during the monster attacks, his niece came very close to being killed, if not for the intervention of Nobuharu (while in his morphed form). His sister fears that the Kyoryuger are dangerous, despite Nobuharu mentioning that they were trying to fight off the monsters. (And yes, she is unaware that Nobuharu is a Kyoryuger). Meanwhile, Amy is revealed to be the daughter of a wealthy family, whose parents are currently in America. Her Butler has been put in charge of her safety, leaving her to hide the fact that she can protect herself, as well as the fact that she is a Kyoryuger.

As enemy forces start causing trouble in the city, Amy is delayed in joining the fight due to keeping an act for her butler, and Nobuharu is unable to join due to his sister being near by, as leaving her would only cause suspicion. At the base, Daigo questions why they are taking so long to join the fight, leading Amy to demorph and reveal her identity, to the shock of Daigo and Nobuharu. She reveals her situation, making Daigo question whether or not keeping their identity secret from their family is worth it when it’s causing so much trouble. Upset because Daigo doesn’t have family and can’t understand, Nobuharu de-morphs and calls him out on this, trying to explain to him that the ones they care about are their weakness in the fight against evil, and must be protected.

This leads Daigo to ask their mentor Torin to take him to Nobuharu’s Dinosaur, and is explained the situation. He tells Nobuharu that his family is not a weakness, but rather his greatest strength, as it gives him the fire needed to fight. He also explains that if it wasn’t for his intervention, his niece would be dead, and that Nobuharu doesn’t give himself enough credit for how strong he really is. This speech gives Amy enough confidence to later fight the enemy (unmorphed) in front of her butler, saying that she is able to take care of herself. This also leads Nobuharu to reveal his identity to his niece, and not be afraid to fight the enemy or doubt his strength.

The episode also shows how the Deboss Army creates monsters, as three of the generals must come up with plans and present it to three statues that house their master’s power, causing him to select one of the general’s plans and create a MotW for the army to use. This week, Sorrowful Knight Aigaron was chosen, and directly revealed himself to the Kyoryuger. Joyful Knight Candelilla and Funfilled Spy Luckyuro also revealed themselves, and Funfilled Spy Luckyuro showed off her special skill, the ability to make MotW’s grow using a watering can. (It’s Sentai. We’ve had weirder things happen,) This brings the arrival of the Kyoryuger’s main mecha, Kyoryuzin, formed using GabuTyra, Stegotchi and Dricera.

Final Thoughts: While not as great as the last episode, this episode does a nice job of getting me interested in Nobuharu, who has a very nice backstory. Amy once again comes off to me as a hybrid of Luka and Ahim from Gokaiger, which I once again am not complaining about. Both Characters seem like great additions to the show. The morale was a little bit iffy, as Daigo’s logic for why the secret identity is a bad thing is a bit questionable, but it’s Super Sentai. It’s not like the secret identity thing is always enforced. Daigo though continues to be an excellent character, and I can’t wait to dig into his past a little more like the last episode hinted we would. The only major issue with Kyoryuger at the moment are the villains, who aren’t exactly wowing me. They’re ok, but they don’t exactly have the charm previous villains had. But hey, it’s episode two and I’m willing to give them a little bit more time.

Next Week: Backstory for KyoryuGreen, and the return of bikes in Super Sentai!


Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 24

This week also started off right where we left off, as Medusa asks if Gremlin will assist her. Gremlin transforms and we get our first good look at him. Medusa questions if Gremlin had a hand in Phoenix’s fate, but Gremlin denies this. She says she can’t trust him, and says he has to prove himself in order to gain her trust.

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to Koksuke’s grandmother, who is described by him as strict, although she appears as a very kind woman when around Shunpei (who apparently had a good relationship with his own Grandparents). She explains that Koksuke was supposed to be in college, but left for unknown reasons. Obviously, he didn’t tell her for the obvious reason of making her worried (as well as the fear of being scolded.)

Elsewhere, Medusa commands a new Phantom to go after the next Gate, which turns out to be Koksuke’s grandmother. Obviously, this leads to Koksuke putting on an act and trying to hide his identity throughout the episode. Gremlin catches on to this, and after the Phantom retreats, instructs him to use this information to his advantage. After Koksuke begs his grandmother to return to her home outside of the city for her own safety, we learn more about the relationship between the duo. Koksuke always felt as if his grandmother was stopping him from going after his dreams, while she was always worried about Koksuke getting into trouble.

As Haruto and Shunpei prepare to escort Koksuke’s grandmother (with Koksuke secretly following them) out of the city, Haruto is “accidentally” separated thanks to the phantom (They were trying to board a bus out of the city, and Haruto wasn’t allowed on, as the Phantom ended up being the driver, and closed the door on him before quickly driving away.) Thankfully, Koksuke was on the bus, and (reluctantly) transformed in front of his grandmother, fighting off the minions the phantom created to seize the grandmother. Haruto eventually catches up on his bike and stops the bus, allowing everyone to get off.

After a quick demonstration of Haruto using a Beast ring (there was a mix-up during the fight, and each rider got the other’s ring. (However, only Haruto can use Beast’s rings.), Koksuke’s Grandmother realizes that the reason Koksuke is fighting is because he needs phantoms to live. She decides to sacrifice herself (much to Koksuke’s horror), but Shunpei intervenes and gets knocked away. Gremlin suddenly appears, grabs Shunpei, and gives Koksuke a choice. He will give up his grandmother or Shunpei dies. He then leaves with Shunpei, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger.

Final Thoughts: Not going to lie, I thought this episode wasn’t going to be good based on the preview. But man, this was some nice backstory for Koksuke, as well as an awesome cliffhanger. Plus, we had an experiment with what Haruto could do with Beast’s rings, and plenty of other story goodness. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to see the resolution in next week’s episode. I’m not always a big fan of Kamen Rider’s “every minor plot needs to be spread out over two episodes” rule because it usually feels forced, but this week was handled perfectly. If that rule is going to continue to be used, it needs to be handled better, like with this episode.

Next Week: Koksuke’s grandmother wishes to sacrifice herself for Shunpei (and Koksuke’s) sake. Will she be able to do so? Will everyone survive the episode? I honestly don’t know for once!


Thanks for reading! Come back next week for another recap of the next new episodes of Kamen Rider Wizard and Kyoryuger. And for more news and reviews on all things Toku, check back here regularly or at my twitter account @TSilentWatcher.


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