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The Toku Recap: Weekend of March 2nd, 2013

March 4, 2013

It’s time again for another recap of what’s going on overseas! As a reminder, this is a recap of all overseas Toku heroes, and will not include this week’s Power Rangers episode. Likewise, it is mostly a recap, with brief thoughts on the episode at the end of the recap. It won’t be a detailed review like the Power Ranger episode reviews. So keep that in mind.

We’re about a month out from Akibaranger Season 2 and Garo Season 3 premiering, and information is slowly starting to leak out more and more about what’s happening in each season. A reminder that these two shows will be joining the weekly recap once they premiere.

Also, quick note, whenever Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie is subbed, there will be a brief recap of the film with my thoughts on the movie here also. We’ll get to that though when the time comes.

With all that said, let’s jump right into this week’s shows! Last week brought up some interesting developments in both shows, so let’s see what both sides bring to the table this week!

“But if I lost you now, that would put ME into despair!”

Kamen Rider Wizard: Episode 25

(Above photo from

Picking up from the events of last week, Shunpei has been kidnapped by Gremlin and the PotW (Phantom of the Week) in an attempt to get Kosuke to trade his grandmother, who previously stated she was willing to be put into despair, for Shunpei. Both Haruto and Kosuke refuse to sacrifice either person, with Kosuke especially upset and confused that his grandmother not only isn’t mad at him for being Kamen Rider Beast, but is willing to sacrifice her life so easily. His grandmother states that she has already lived a long life, and that Kosuke said he needs to consume Phantoms in order to survive.

Haruto believes there is another way to avoid sacrificing anyone, as the gang discovers that Kosuke’s PlaMonster is still in Shunpei’s backpack (Kosuke had the PlaMonster stick close to Shunpei and his Grandmother in order to make sure she returned home safe.) Using the PlaMonster, they find the location Shunpei is being held at, a bowling alley somewhere in town. Haruto and Rinko decide to head there to rescue Shunpei, while Kosuke and his grandmother stay behind.

After some time to think on his own, Kosuke realizes that his grandmother was never truly strict, and has always done everything because she cared deeply about Kosuke. Kosuke, feeling guilty and shameful, runs back to his grandmother and promises he’ll return home with her if they leave now. But his grandmother, despite finally getting what she wanted, refuses to go along with this plan. Kosuke’s place is here now, and he needs to fight the phantoms to survive. Both say that if either one were to fall to the phantom, they too would go into despair, and Kosuke and his grandmother finally forgive one another for the recent, and past events between them.

Meanwhile, Haruto and Rinko make it to the bowling alley, only to realize that they were tricked into thinking the bowling alley was where Shunpei was being held hostage. It turns out Medusa is hanging out there, but was unaware that Haruto was coming. After a brief fight in the building, Gremlin appears and laughs at Haruto for thinking he could outsmart him, and tells him where Shunpei will be taken to. Kosuke’s grandmother isn’t brought to the location at the given time, Shunpei will die. Medusa, furious that she was used as part of a plan she wasn’t aware of, chases after Gremlin when he vanishes. Meanwhile, Haruto and Rinko return to the shop, as they attempt to come up with a rescue plan with Kosuke.

After a brief scene with Medusa attacking Gremlin, and Gremlin explaining that he only thought Medusa would be strong enough to defeat the Wizard, time passes as Gremlin and the Phantom take Shunpei to the trade-off location. Kosuke and his grandmother arrive, with Kosuke saying they’re willing to make the trade. In order to ensure no tricks go down, Gremlin demands Kosuke hand over the Beast Driver. He does so, and the trade-off is made, despite Shunpei’s plea not to do so. Gremlin then says he’s ready to drive Kosuke’s grandmother to despair and to do this… they will kill Kosuke. As the phantom strikes Kosuke, he suddenly turns into a bunch of feathers and vanishes.

Haruto then appears out of nowhere and attacks Gremlin, getting Shunpei and Kosuke’s Grandmother to safety. Kosuke re-appears and explains that the recent discovery that Haruto can use the Beast Rings allowed them to use the Falcon ring to protect Kosuke from being killed. Haruto seizes the Beast Driver back from Gremlin and passes it off to Kosuke, as the two transform and confront the phantom pair. After awhile, Gremlin eventually retreats, and Kosuke finishes off the Phantom of the Week and consumes it, much to the happiness of his grandmother.

The episode ends with Kosuke bringing his grandmother home, telling her not to worry about anymore Phantoms or falling to despair, as he’ll never be taken down as long as he is Kamen Rider Beast. She agrees and the two head to the train station in order to get her home.

Final Thoughts: This was an excellent follow-up to last week’s episode. It gave a lot more character development to Kosuke, as well as gave us more time to see Kamen Rider Beast in an awesome battle sequence, which is always a plus. We also got a chance to see another Medusa/Wizard duel, and it seems like Gremlin is trying to lead Medusa into being defeated like Phoenix was a few episodes ago. Gremlin clearly has a game plan going on, (considering he gave Haruto the Land Dragon gem, and led Phoenix to his demise) and it will be interesting to see what it ends up being. Overall, a fantastic conclusion to one of the best (minor) two-parters that the Kamen Rider series has had in a while. If Kamen Rider is going to continue the “every minor plot line takes up two episodes” formula, then they need to handle episodes like this. Bravo to the writers and the cast for a fantastic two-parter!

Next Week: Haruto and the gang investigate a school, Kosuke gets in trouble with the law (or at least Rinko), and Medusa appears to have another duel with Haruto and Kosuke! Is this endgame territory of Medusa as well?


“This is my answer, the Superior Ripping Edge!

Kyoryuger: Brave (Episode) 3

(Above Photo from

This week, we take a look at KyoryuGreen’s (Souji) backstory, and start to integrate him into the team. This quiet, loner swordsman apparently has conflict with his father, as his father isn’t happy with his technique. After this week’s MotW attacks, Souji’s skills are put to the test. After being beaten by both the MotW and the arrival of a new enforcer, the Raging Knight Dogold, he almost attacks Daigo as he comments about Souji being so quick to anger. After a quick duel in the base in order to get Souji to reveal his identity, Souji loses through a technicality (which he agrees he didn’t specify) and reveals who he is.

After a brief demonstration of the new Dino Chaser bikes, we see Daigo and Amy confront Souji’s father to find out what’s up with him. Souji’s father explains that he understands why Souji is so hostile towards him, as the father’s pursuit towards the perfect sword skills drove away Souji’s Mother. Souji’s father doesn’t believe Souji wants anything to do with him, but Daigo disagrees, and talks briefly about how his father when he was younger left him, but gave him a choice of whether to return to Japan, or follow in his footsteps and become an adventurer. Daigo believes he and Souji are very similar, despite Souji’s objections after overhearing the conversation.

After leaving and meeting with his Dinosaur, Zakutor, Amy finds Souji and gives him a pep talk, as well as the beast battery to activate his Dino Chaser bike, given to him by Daigo. After Daigo and Souji’s father are captured by the MotW, Souji confronts the MotW, combines his and his father’s sword styles and frees the hostages captured by the MotW. Using the new Dino Chaser bikes, Daigo and Souji team-up to beat the MotW. However, in classic Super Sentai fashion, the monster is brought back to life and grown using Luckyuro’s watering can. Kyoryuzin is summoned, and eventually switches out Dricera as Kyoryuzin’s left arm (Although Amy still stays in Kyoryuzin’s cockpit, and Dricera is still useful as it saves additional hostages taken by the giant MotW) to from a new Kyoryuzin combo that eventually defeats the MotW.

The episode ends with Souji and his father getting along, as his father encourages him to find his own style to teach others in the future.

Final Thoughts: I thought this episode was ok. Oddly enough, I was less interested in Souji’s backstory than other things that happened in this episode (interesting parallel to this week’s PR episode…). Not to say Souji is a bad character, or that he didn’t have a good backstory. He did, and they did a good job with it. But this sort of character didn’t wow me as much as last week’s plot with Nobuharu. Still, it was good enough, and I am interested to see more character development with Souji. I just wish it wasn’t as… cliche. Although I did appreciate the additional backstory given with Daigo, who continues to be an awesome red ranger. Amy also continues to get some spotlight here, and is becoming a nice emotional support to the team, while still holding her own in battle. Again, I think of her as a Luka/Ahim hybrid, which as I’ve stated time and time again, isn’t a bad thing (I’ll stop saying this next week, I promise.) The Dino Chaser bikes are ok, but didn’t exactly wow me. I did appreciate some concepts used with the mecha battle this week, as all four Kyoryugers are allowed to stay in the cockpit despite Dricera being removed from the combination. Not to mention the fact that Dricera was still useful even after being disconnected. Overall, not a bad episode, but not as great as last week’s, at least in my opinion.

Next Week: KyoryuBlack’s focus episode! Hey, were you expecting something else?


That’s all for this week’s Toku recap! For more news and reviews on all things Toku, check back here regularly as well as at my twitter account @TSilentWatcher.

Thanks for reading and come back next week for another recap of the newest episodes of Kyoryuger and Kamen Rider Wizard!


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