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Now Available: Clash of The Red Rangers: The Movie

March 5, 2013

Now available on DVD is the crossover special between Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai and Power Rangers RPM. The first team crossover since Power Rangers SPD and Dino Thunder, and the first crossover in general since Once A Ranger, Clash of The Red Rangers has the Samurai Rangers interact with the RPM Series Operator’s Red Ranger, Scott (In suit mind you, but still). As a robotic foe comes over from the dimension where Power Rangers RPM took place, this unlikely alliance of rangers must work together in order to defeat the alliance between the nighlock forces and this robotic threat. A team-up between one of the most beloved Power Ranger seasons and one of the most controversial ones is about to begin!

You can order this dvd here at Amazon now.

That’s all for new Ameri-Toku dvd releases until May! Although we have two new Toku releases coming this month you should check out, we’ll return in two months for the return VR Troopers, Power Rangers Samurai, Super Samurai and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to dvd. In the mean time, come back in two weeks if you’re interested in expanding your Toku DVD collection a little further…

For more news and reviews on the latest Toku DVDs, check back here regularly or at my twitter account @TSilentWatcher.


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