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DVD News: Beetleborgs Metallix Volume 1 Box Art Revealed

March 12, 2013

It’s been a few days since Beetleborgs Metallix Volume 1 was announced. However, we did not get a look at the box art for the DVD then. And the listing said Big Bad Beetleborgs Season 2 Volume 1, instead of Beetleborgs Metallix! Well, fear not Beetleborg fans. Thankfully, the recently revealed box art should remove any worries you had about it not being called Beetleborgs Metallix (But come on, this is Shout Factory. They know what they’re doing.)

Yes, the awesomeness that is the Beetleborgs Metallix suits, along with the Season 2 logo and an awesome background, will be on the box art for the first volume of Beetleborgs Metallix. So now we can add the first half of Beetleborgs Metallix to our Ameri-Toku collections, as we get one step closer to obtaining the entire Beetleborgs series from Shout Factory.

If you would like to pre-order Beetleborgs Metallix Volume 1, you can do so here at Amazon.

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