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The Toku Recap: Weekend of March 9th, 2013

March 14, 2013

This is a weekly segment that takes a look at what happened overseas in the wonderful world of Toku Heroes. This will be a recap of the newest episodes of each of the weekly shows, with my (brief) thoughts on the episode. This segment won’t be posted until the subbed version of every new episode from the weekly shows is made available to the public. So if one show isn’t subbed until wednesday or thursday, the newest Toku Recap won’t be posted until then. This also won’t cover any new episodes of Power Rangers, as those are reviewed separately and in more detail. Also, the movie specials aren’t covered here until they appear online and are subbed.

This week we will be looking at:

– Kyoryuger Episode 4

– Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 26

– Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie

Also, a reminder that one month from now, Garo and Akibaranger will air their new seasons, and will be covered here each week.

Without further delay, let’s get to this week’s recap! (All Photos Below From

Kyoryuger Episode 4

As expected, this next episode is a focus episode for the final Kyoryuger member not hanging out with the group, KyoryuBlack (Ian). This cool, ladies man continues to show his annoyance with the other Kyoryugers and prefers to do things on his own. However, this week, his ability to stay cool is tested when a monster from his past appears and attacks the city. When Daigo is captured by the MotW during battle, Ian struggles to take the shot, remembering what happened to a dear friend of his long ago. Eventually, Daigo is freed by the others, but the MotW gets away. This prompts Daigo to investigate Ian’s past like in previous episodes, as the gang eventually learns that Daigo lost a dear friend of his when the same MotW captured him. He attempted to shoot the MotW in order to free his friend, but the shot missed, giving the enemy a chance to kill his friend and knock him off a cliff, which eventually led to Ian meeting his dinosaur partner, Parasagan. After Daigo attempts to pep talk him, the MotW attacks, prompting everyone except Ian to head over. However, when Daigo is captured again, Ian gets over his fear (as he has now found a new respect for Daigo) and takes the shot, successfully hitting the monster. With the team united and willing to work together, they form a new weapon using their individual powers, the KentroSpiker, which they use to defeat the MotW once and for all. Also making its first appearance in this episode is the new zord combination, Kyoryu Western, which uses Zakutor and Parasagan as arms and, true to its name, fights like its in a western movie. At the end of the episode, despite Ian thinking he finally got his vengeance, it is revealed that the MotW borrowed the cloak from Aigaron, the sorrowful knight/one of the generals of the Devoss Army.

Final Thoughts: This was a pretty good episode. While it was one of the cliche “guy feels guilty about hurting a partner, so he doesn’t want to fight with others” story, I suspected a plot like this would be more of Souji’s backstory, rather Ian the loner, who for awhile has been played off as the ladies man who thinks he is cooler than everyone else. And you know what, I actually think it worked pretty well with him. Daigo once again is a fantastic red ranger, and I really like the approach they’ve been taking with him to introduce us to each of the other rangers through him, which also builds his own character a bit. I suppose the twist at the end of “It turns out the general was actually the one who killed the partner!” is a little bit predictable, but it does make Aigaron more interesting as he’s a part of Ian’s backstory now. So now both characters can easily be developed more when we’re focusing on one or the other. The KentroSpiker looks cool when being held, but I wasn’t impressed by when it was used in the finisher. The zord fight was pretty fun, as Kyoryu Western fighting like in a western movie was a cool idea. Still, I wish all five Kyoryugers were in the cockpit, as it appeared to be set up last week with four of them in the cockpit when Souji’s zord was attached.

Overall though, pretty good episode.

Next Week: With the team united, now we have to develop/establish relationships between each of the team members. This time, it appears to be Souji and Ian, the two more independent members. Plus, a new dinosaur zord appears, as well as some mysterious person.

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 26

This week’s episode follows up on the building tension between Medusa and Gremlin, who Medusa now trusts even less after being used to fight Haruto last week. Deciding to personally go after a gate herself, things don’t exactly go to plan thanks to a friend of the gate who looks very similar to her. Koksuke, hungry and looking for another phantom to eat, finds this similar looking person and mistakes her for Medusa, and runs around the city trying to find her. Eventually, he runs into Medusa, who is about to attack her target. After a skirmish, Medusa eventually knocks Beast away and retreats. But Kosuke attempts to pursuit her, and eventually runs into the look alike, believing she is Medusa. This doesn’t go well for him, as the girl is a high school student, and he ends up getting arrested.

Haruto and Shunpei, arriving on scene after hearing about a Phantom attack, sees both Kosuke being arrested (they only wonder for a moment why he’s being arrested and then forget about him) and the Medusa look alike. Also believing she’s Medusa, but realizing she’s a high school student, Haruto uses the Dress Up ring to look like a high school student and pursue her. (Shunpei also tries to disguise himself. I’m sure based on the photo above, you can guess how that went.) After eventually confronting her, Medusa attacks the gate again, causing Haruto to realize this look alike is not Medusa, and proceeds to confront the real one.

Meanwhile, after Rinko (who is at the police station when Kosuke is brought down… and let’s him stay in jail for a bit after hearing the story and his comment about the girl looking cute.) investigates the look alike, she discovers that the girl is actually the twin sister of Medusa’s gate. Letting Kosuke out of jail and arriving on the scene, her suspicions are confirmed when the twin sees Medusa’s human form and wonders what happened to her. Medusa also recognizes the twin sister, but is occupied with fighting Haruto and eventually Kosuke. The episode ends with the twin sister trying to figure out what’s going on, Haruto (and his four forms) and Kosuke in a stand-off with Medusa, and the crafty Gremlin watching the whole situation from nearby, well aware of this new discovery about Medusa’s past.

Final Thoughts: I liked the fact that we’re getting a little backstory about Medusa’s former gate, as well as building a little arc for her character. I’m not sure though whether or not we’re getting close to end of Medusa though, as on one hand, this is sort of being played out like with Phoneix, where we got some character development, and Gremlin was nudging him into fighting Wizard. Plus, we don’t have a MotW this week either. On the other hand, this doesn’t feel like a two-parter that would wrap up Medusa’s time on the show. Either way, a little character development/interaction with the heroes is never a bad thing in my book. Other than that, the episode didn’t feel as great as last week’s, as I wasn’t as interested with the running joke with Kosuke (or Shunpei for that matter). Although the reactions from both Haruto and Rinko to both of these running gags were hilarious.

Still, because it was a Medusa backstory episode, I think it got the job done and did what it was supposed to do. It just wasn’t as great as last’s week two-parter was. Hopefully though, now that everything has been set up, we will be able to truly dig into Medusa’s past and hopefully end on a strong note.

Next Week: The Twin Sister must deal with the news that her sister is dead, Gremlin offers to help Medusa fight the riders once more, and the White Wizard decides to intervene in this whole affair. Is this actually the last episode with Medusa, and what exactly is the White Wizard up to…


Movie Special: Space Sheriff Gavan The Movie

We’re ending this recap segment with the recently subbed Space Sheriff Gavan the movie, which came out in October of last year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of not only the Space Sheriff franchise, but the entire Metal Hero franchise as well.

The new film focuses on a young man named Geki, who (along with his best friend, Toya) vanishes during a space mission. Their other close friend, Itsuki, never gives up on the idea that Geki and Toya died, and peruses Toya’s dream of discovering something with wormholes. A few years later, her office is attacked by a former member of the Spce Crime Organization Makuu, who attempts to kidnap her. However, a newer looking Space Sheriff Gavan appears to confront the monster. This turns out to be (of course) Geki, who has become the successor to the old Space Sheriff Gavan. After a brief fight, the monster uses Itsuki as a human shield, having Geki hesitate over whether or not to attack the monster. Thankfully, someone else shoots and kills it without causing harm to Itsuki. Before she can confirm that Geki is the new Gavan, he teleports back onto his ship and leaves earth.

Meanwhile, at the Galactic Union Police headquarters, Geki is questions as to why he went to earth in the first place. He said that he saw the Makuu heading to earth, and because a good friend of his was still back on the planet, he wanted to deal with the Makuu member personally. Although the commander wishes to send the new Sharivan and Shaider to protect earth because Geki was unable to defeat the Makuu member on his own, Geki pleads to the commander to let him return, reminding him why he became a Space Sheriff in the first place. The commander relucantly gives him one more chance to head to earth, as he and his partner Shelly head to investigate what the Makuu were doing there further.

Once there, he goes and finds Itsuki, who wonders what happened to him a Toya. He says he’ll explain later, but first has her come on his ship, where he and Shelly ask her about her research that was stolen at the same time she was attacked by another Makuu member. The research was about a strange meteorite with special powers having to do with wormholes. They head over to the lab where it is being held, but not before Itsuki once again asks what happened to Geki and Toya a few years back. Apparently, a wormhole caused their spaceship to be destroyed, Toya to be absorbed by the wormhole, and Geki to fly off to some corner of space. As they approach the lab, Itsuki wants to investigate the area with them, but Geki asks her to stay on the ship.

At the lab, Shelly and Geki notice a woman claiming to have been attacked, causing Geki to check the area for another Makuu member. The woman turns out though to be a Makuu member, who manipulates all of the knocked out scientists on the compound to obey her and attack Shelly and Geki. Eventually, after a brief fight with the manipulated scientists, Shelly finds the woman, who turns out to be a descendent of a former enemy of the Old Space Sheriff Gavan. Knocking out Shelly and capturing her, she is given enough time to teleport the meteor to their base before Geki can arrive to stop her. She vows revenge on Gavan and vanishes, causing the lab to self destruct and forcing Geki and Shelly to get everyone off the compound before it is too late. Although they did not stop the Makuu member, they do oddly enough find Toya’s necklace, one of three Itsuki got for him, Geki and herself as a good luck charm for when they went to space.

As Geki, Shelly and Itsuki try to figure out what their next move is, we also have some flashbacks to the space mission Geki and Toya were on. Toya made a challenge on that mission to Geki that, if he found what he was looking for, he would get to be with Itsuki, as apparently he had feelings for her. We also learn that Toya recently had been very obsessed with his dream of discovering something with wormholes, to the point where he felt anything should be done in order to make the discovery and advance the field of science. As they reach the wormhole, Toya decides to leave the ship to investigate the wormhole personally. Geki attempts to stop him, when suddenly the wormhole (as all good wormholes do) tries to suck in Toya. Geki grabs him, but his attempt to save him is futile, as somehow the wormhole causes the ship to explode and fling the duo into space. Toya is forced into the wormhole, and Geki to parts unknown.

Eventually Shelly finds another area they need to investigate, and Geki decides to investigate it himself. Itsuki however, demands she go with him, which Geki reluctantly agrees to. When they arrive at the area, Itsuki thinks she sees Toya, and chases after him. Geki, not realizing she ran off on her own until a few seconds after, tries to find her. However, it is too late as the leader of the Makuu group captures her, and once again causes Geki to hesitate to attack. The leader vanishes into a portal with her, leaving behind a revived minion from the beginning of the movie, the member who attacked the lab, and the member who stole Itsuki’s research. They fight until Geki is eventually overpowered and almost knocked out. However, before the finishing blow can be made, the old Gavan, Retsu arrives and saves him, retreating for now.

Once they are safe, Geki is contacted by the galactic police, who strip him of his title as Gavan due to his hesitation. Retsu attempts to knock some sense into Geki and tries to get him to realize what he needs to do. It was revealed that Retsu previously saved Geki after he was stranded in space, and also killed the monster in the beginning of the movie that captured Itsuki. He tells him he can’t hesitate against the Makku if he wants to save earth and Itsuki. Geki tells Retsu he couldn’t attack his opponent because he realized who it was, and Retsu, also aware of the identity of the leader, says at this point his friend is long gone.

This cues a scene at the enemy base where Itsuki is being held, as it is revealed (of course) that the leader is none other than Toya. After entering the wormhole, Toya heard the voice of Retsu’s former foe and leader of the Makuu, Don Horror. Giving him his power through a golden mask, and telling him Geki stranded him in the wormhole to get Itsuki himself, Toya agrees to help revive Don Horror in order to complete his research and become one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He also plans to use Itsuki as a host for Don Horror’s revival.

Back on earth, Retsu and Geki have gotten into a fight, (as Retsu is trying to get Geki to stop hesitating when it comes to fighting the enemy.) Geki eventually punches Retsu, which pleases him, as he believes Geki finally has the will to fight and do what it takes to protect those he cares about. Suddenly though, a monster attacks a nearby Shelly, and the two space sheriffs confront him. Freeing Shelly and telling her to run, they are forced into Makuu Space, which makes the Makuu stronger and is devoid of all logic and sense. After a series of hilarious hijinks, they somehow are forced out of Makuu Space, where Shelly informs them that Toya’s ship/base has appeared near earth and is making a giant wormhole. Geki and Retsu transform, and Retsu tells him to go to the ship and confront Toya. He also finally recognizes Geki as his successor, and tells him he’ll deal with the Makuu member.

Toya heads to the ship, where he is confronted by the Makku member from the beginning and the one from the lab. However, Sharivan and Shaider arrive to assist Geki, telling him to focus on stopping Don Horror’s revival, and that they’ll deal with the other two members. Geki eventually reaches the main chamber on the ship where Toya and Itsuki are, and Geki pleads with his friend to stop all of this. Toya, not willing to listen, wants to confront Geki, and attacks him. Geki, refusing to hurt his friend, defends himself but can’t go through will killing him. Toya eventually takes him down, and begins the ritual to convert Itsuki into Don Horror (despite Itsuki making one more desperate plea for Toya to stop). While Retsu, Sharivan and Shaider defeat the other members of the Makuu and hope that Geki is able to complete his mission, Toya prepares to strike the finishing blow on Geki. Itsuki, somehow able to escape Don Horror’s control for only a moment, cries out to Geki, causing him to get his second wind and finally accept the fact that he must take down Toya. He beats him and slashes his mask, breaking it and causing Toya to fall over (NOTE: he was not decapitated). This somehow causes Itsuki to be freeded from Don Horror’s control and stop the ritual, reuniting Geki and Itsuki. As the ship collapses, Geki sees Toya is about to fall into a crack in the ship’s floor, as both Geki and Itsuki run over to save him. They grab him and flee the ship before it explodes.

Back on earth, Toya is near death (despite Geki and Itsuki’s plea for him to hold on) and he says he is sorry for what he has done. Following his death, Geki regains his title as Gavan and tells Itsuki he has to leave earth for awhile, but he’ll return one day. Itsuki (who the movie made clear had feelings for Geki rather than Toya. Although it was never made clear that Geki loved her back) is annoyed that Geki didn’t realize her feelings for him, but smiles as she waits for the day he’ll return.

Final Thoughts: Sigh… this movie. On one hand, what it got right, it really did well. Geki is awesome as Gavan, and I thought he was a really good character. Shelly actually surprised me as she was a respectable partner who (at least in the first half of the movie) assisted Geki in battle and held her own for a bit. (I am mad though that towards the second half/end of the film, she wasn’t treated as more competent. I would have liked to see her assisting in the final fight against the Makuu.) Retsu as Old Gavan was once again a badass and the interactions between him and Geki are the best part of the movie. Especially the Makku Space scene, which I thought was the best part of the movie as I got a few laughs out of it. Sharivan and Shaider were cool, but they really weren’t in the movie that long, as the only memorable scene they had was against the two Makku members at the end of the movie, which was only for about 2-3 minutes tops. Still though, there were a lot of good characters that came out of this movie…

… Except for two characters. Specifically, Geki’s two best friends. And when they are a big part of the plot, it really, really hurts the movie. Toya is not only played as the cliche “best friend becomes evil” character that has been done to death, but his motivations for doing it are so stupid. Ignoring the fact that even Itsuki admitted before the space mission, Toya was already willing to sacrifice his cat (who he claimed to love) for a wormhole experiment and wasn’t the same person she knew as a kid, (as well as the whole “whoever wins gets the girl, ignoring what she thinks” competition Toya threw onto Geki, who didn’t understand why Toya was doing this as he didn’t have feelings for Itsuki then), Toya has absolutely no reason to be mad at Geki for what happened to him. Toya decided to leave the ship to head towards the wormhole, and was stupid enough to A) not attach a cord to his spacesuit that could bring him back to the ship B) assume it wouldn’t suck him in. Its a WORMHOLE. Wormholes absorb things. That’s what they do. Not only did Geki try to stop him, but when Toya started to get sucked in, he grabbed his hand and tried to pull him back. This led to the wormhole’s force eventually reaching the ship and blowing it up (for some reason), and causing them both to be flung through space. The only reason Geki let go of Toya was because they were being flung at a very fast speed and he couldn’t hold on. If anyone should be mad, it is Geki, who because of Toya’s stupid actions was stranded in space. He did every damn thing he could to save Toya. And even after all the evil things Toya does, (leading the Makuu, trying to kidnap Ituski, trying to kill Geki) he still doesn’t want to hurt Toya. How the hell does Toya still think Geki betrayed him, other than the fact that Toya is a complete moron. The only thing that is clear because of this is that Geki has the heart/patience of a saint. What really angers me though, is that at the end of the movie, as Toya is dying, the movie tries to make you feel bad for him. Why? I have absolutely no reason to be sympathetic to him. At all. The dude was pure evil and a moron. Why should I feel sorry for him at all?

But he wasn’t the worst character in the movie. No, that “honor” goes to Itsuki, who made me facepalm enough times that I came close to leaving a mark on my face. Besides being the girl who’s only purpose was to pine for the guy/do everything she did for one of the two best friends, she ended up being a bigger idiot than Toya. Running to her car in the beginning of the movie and not immediately driving away from the area (not to mention when the monster stood in front of her car, getting out of the car and running instead of trying to drive away!), multiple counts of just standing like an idiot when one of the enemies was approaching her; And my personal favorite, despite knowing that she was being hunted by the Makuu, demands to Geki that she go with him to investigate an area. Then, knowing she can’t defend herself, runs off on her own (without telling Geki) because she thinks she saw Toya. Itsuki, you deserve to be kidnapped, and Geki can do so much better than you. And don’t get me started on her “Men are idiots” line at the end of the movie.

If Toya and Itsuki had been written out of the movie, and the movie was re-written so that Geki had a different backstory and Shelly had a bigger role, I would have liked it so much better. Every other character was great, and I don’t mind them returning in Super Hero Taisen Z. But please, for the love of all things good in this world, DO NOT BRING BACK ITSUKI.

Bottom line, the movie was decent and had some nice fight scenes and (mostly) fantastic characters. But considering Itsuki and Toya, who were massive idiots, played such a big part to the plot and Geki’s character development, it ended up bring the movie down so much more than it should have.


Thanks for reading this week’s Toku Recap! (or at least getting through part of it, if you skipped the Gavan section. I don’t blame you for skipping it.) Check back here every week for another recap of the newest episodes of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, as well as news/reviews on plenty of other things in the Toku world. Don’t worry, next week won’t have a recap of another Toku movie, I swear.


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