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New Look: Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity/KyoryuGold

March 27, 2013

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We have a few first looks at an upcoming upgrade and a 6th ranger coming very soon. Let’s take a look at them:

Debuting this April is Kamen Rider Wizard’s final and ultimate “style”, the Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity. The style can be utilized via the Infinity Wizard Ring, which originated from Haruto’s tears.

Haruto shed some tears as he wishes to protect everyone. This is similar to a line from the opening theme, “LIFE is Showtime” by Sho Kiryuin: “Today, tomorrow, yesterday and the future, take all of your tears, and turn them into a jewel!”

Along with its diamond armor, Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity specialty is its speed. The WizarDragon transforms itself to the AxCalibur, Wizard Infinity’s main weapon, and can only be used during this form due to the amount of power it holds. It is an axe and sword/calibur dual purpose weapon. When activating the finisher, Dragon Shining, its Ax Mode can change its size.

As seen in the most recent Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger episode, Chaos is in possession of the Beast Battery #6 Pteragordon. With that, Japanese magazines have unveiled the sixth warrior, KyoryuGold’s debut in the coming month of April.

KyoryuGold is Maru Utsusemi (played by Atsushi Maruyama), a samurai from 400 years ago, who fights with Torin against the Deboss Army during the Warring States Era in Japan. He transforms using the Beast Battery #6 Pteragordon and the GaburiChanger. He is currently trapped inside the body of Dogold, the Warrior of Anger, who is in turn an armor that have its own will.

Maru, a KyoryuGold, swears to destroy the Deboss for good. His main weapon is the Zander Thunder, and with the use of three Beast Batteries, he can execute his finishing move, the “Mysterious Lightning Afterglow”!

KyoryuGold’s Zyudenryu is Pteragordon, and since Chaos of the Deboss Army is in possession of its Beast Battery, it will be used to attack the Kyoryuger for a couple of episodes. It can transform to become Pteraiden-Oh.

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