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Now Available: VR Troopers Season 2, Volume 1/Power Rangers Samurai Volume 4

May 14, 2013

We have not one, but two big Ameri-Toku DVD releases out today. A little bit of old, and a little bit of new. Let’s take a look at today’s new releases:

VR Troopers Season 2, Volume 1

Available for the first time on DVD, VR Trooper’s 2nd and final season brings some big changes to the show, including a new look for Ryan Steele. Similar to how the first season (as well as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Big Bad Beetleborgs) was handled, VR Troopers Season 2 has been split into two separate volumes, with each volume having 20 episodes.

You can purchase VR Troopers Season 2, Volume 1 here at Amazon. At this time, we do not know when the final volume of Season 2 (and VR Troopers as a whole) will be available to purchase. There are no current plans to sell Season 2 as a whole either, nor are there plans to release the entire series together.


Power Rangers Samurai Volume 4: The Sixth Ranger

Also available now is the fourth volume release of Power Rangers Samurai (The 2011 Season, not counting Super Samurai). Here’s the description for the DVD release:

When a mysterious fisherman arrives, the Power Rangers Samurai meet their newest ally – Antonio, the Gold Ranger! But before he can join the team, Antonio must prove he possesses the true spirit of the samurai. Jayden, Kevin, Emily, Mia and Mike are challenged by the Nighlok monsters more so than ever when Master Xandred sends Steeleto to attack the Power Rangers, Antberry and Octoroo attempt to open a portal, and Splitface traps human spirits. Their new golden friend Antonio shows the Power Rangers he too can be a samurai with his lightning-fast Barracuda Blade, the ink-spraying OctoZord, and the ClawZord’s megamodes! The Power Rangers will never be the same after these four epic episodes!

You can purchase Power Rangers Samurai Volume 4 here at Amazon. The final volume of Power Rangers Samurai (2011) will be released in July. We have no word yet on a Power Rangers Samurai (2011): The Complete Season release, similar to Power Rangers Super Samurai (2012): The Complete Season at this time, nor are there any known plans to release all 40 episodes (plus the 4 holiday specials and the “team-up” with RPM) in a true Power Rangers Samurai: The Complete Season/Series set. Power Rangers Super Samurai Volume 4 will be releasing next month, with no word at this time for when the final volume of Super Samurai will be released.

Also, there have been no announcements of when Power Rangers Megaforce will begin to see volume releases and a complete season set at this time either.


For more DVD news and reviews, check back here at Save Us From Obscurity. And for additional news and mindless ramblings, follow my twitter @TSilentWatcher.


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