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News: New Pikmin 3 Information

May 17, 2013

At today’s Summer Nintendo Direct, we received new information about Pikmin 3. Here is a short version of what was discussed, from Nintendo PR.

Pikmin 3: New playable characters Alph, Brittany and Charlie recruit the Pikmin creatures to help them gather fruit so that they can return with the seeds to save their home, Planet Koppai. Players can divide activities among the different characters, and explore separate areas in the same map with different groups of Pikmin. Using the GamePad (known as the KopPad in the game), players can view the overall map and grasp what each character and Pikmin are up to. Players also can choose their preferred control option: GamePad in conjunction with the TV, Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk combo or GamePad only in off-TV mode. Players can also use the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk with the GamePad as a second-screen monitor. Pikmin 3 launches Aug. 4.

Not mentioned above is that the three characters are collecting food in order to prevent their planet from dying off due to lack of food. No word was discussed about Olimar returning or not. Multiplayer/Challenge Modes will be discussed further at a later date.

Pikmin 3 arrives in stores on August 4th. It will be reviewed here on Save Us From Obscurity. Additional news and trailers will be covered up to launch.

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