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The Wonderful 101 E3 Super Post

June 11, 2013

Although this isn’t a newly announced title for the Wii U, The Wonderful 101 isn’t hiding from the spotlight. The game snuck its way into one of Nintendo’s highlight reels during the last E3, and has slowly grown popularity over time.  Today, The Wonderful 101 received a brand new trailer for E3, as it continues to shine along other AAA titles for the system.

Strength in Numbers

As Wonder Red, leader of the Wonderful 100, you must unite your mob of heroes to morph into powerful transformations such as a fist, sword, glider or gun to battle aliens throughout Blossom City. It’s up to you and your team of superheroes to take on colossal robots and alien masterminds bent on obliterating everything in their path.


  • Unite your horde of heroes to morph into powerful weapons to crush the invaders or to synthesize into bridges, chains and other objects that help you make it through the world’s different environments.
  • Clobber bad guys with deep and engaging combat. String together combos, dynamically switch between Unite Morphs, defend and evade alien attacks and rack up points to earn the best grades and rewards.
  • Explore each stage to find helpless citizens and recruit them to join your army of heroes. The more heroes you gather, the more powerful your Unite transformations will become.
  • Fight alongside friends in five-player local co-op multiplayer. Each player controls a Wonder One character and pummels enemies with a unique Unite transformation.
  • At the in-game shop, you can spend the valuable O Parts you earn fighting aliens to upgrade or buy entirely new Unite Morphs.

© 2013 Nintendo / PlatinumGames Inc. Nintendo properties are trademarks of Nintendo.
© 2013 Nintendo.

Have no fear! The Wonderful 101 arrives in stores on September 15th, 2013. The game will be reviewed here on the blog.

June is going to be a crazy month for announcements! There will be big DVD announcements, Video Game News, and more! Be sure to check back here at SaveUsFromObscurity and at @TSilentWatcher regularly to stay up to date with the latest news and reviews!

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