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Super Mario 3D World E3 Super Post

June 12, 2013

Nintendo has, since the Nintendo 64 days, released a 3D Mario Platforming game on each system they have released. Super Mario 64 started this tradition. Other games include Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 64 DS, and recently, Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS (which was a mix between 2D and 3D Mario Platforming).

Today, Nintendo announced their newest Mario 3D Platforming game for the Wii U. In some ways, it can be considered a sequel to Super Mario 3D Land in the sense that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was. However, it does feature quite a few differences from Super Mario 3D Land, for those who past the similar art style/gameplay mechanics to Super Mario 3D Land. One of those being that the game is the 1st Mario 3D Platformer to feature Multiplayer. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the next Super Mario 3D Platformer… Super Mario 3D World.

E3/First Reveal Trailer

Developer’s Direct Video With Koichi Hayashida

Four Players + Three Dimensions = Super Mario Fun

Work together with your friends or compete for the crown in the first multiplayer 3D Mario game for the Wii U console. In the Super Mario 3D World game, players can choose to play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Toad.

• Each character has unique abilities and play styles. For example, Princess Peach glides over gaps, while Luigi has his trademark extra-high jump.
• The new cat transformation allows players to run on all fours, pounce on enemies, attack in midair or use their claws to scamper up walls and goal poles.
• Explore colorful 3D environments filled with obstacles and contraptions like transparent pipes and vertical conveyor belts, which add new puzzle elements.
• Use the Wii U GamePad controller’s touch screen to search for hidden blocks and to freeze enemies in place.

Thanks to NintendoEverything, we know that the Wii U Pro Controller can be used with Super Mario 3D World.

Super Mario 3D World will be arriving in stores this December. Please stay tuned for more information on what day that month it will arrive in stores.

June is going to be a crazy month for announcements! There will be big DVD announcements, Video Game News, and more! Be sure to check back here at SaveUsFromObscurity and at @TSilentWatcher regularly to stay up to date with the latest news and reviews!


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