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Super Smash Brothers 3DS/Wii U E3 Super Post

June 12, 2013

I don’t think I need to give an intro for this. Saying Super Smash Bros. should cover all I need to say. Other than for those who aren’t aware, this is my favorite game series of all time.

I present the first look at Super Smash Brothers 3DS and Wii U.

E3/Reveal Trailer, featuring the reveal of the first new character!

Special ending for trailer (separated from above video), featuring a long-awaited new character…

One more new character was revealed following the Nintendo Direct…

Developer’s Direct with Masahiro Sakurai

Confirmed Characters/Series:

Super Mario Series – Mario, Bowser

Donkey Kong Series – Donkey Kong

Legend of Zelda Series – Link

Kirby Series – Kirby

Star Fox Series – Fox

Metroid Series – Samus

Pokemon Series – Pokemon

Kid Icarus Series – Pit

NEW Animal Crossing Series – Villager

NEW Wii Fit Series – Wii Fit Trainer

NEW Third Party Mega Man Series – Mega Man

Smash Brothers for 3DS and Smash Brothers for Wii U will arrive in stores in 2014.

June is going to be a crazy month for announcements! There will be big DVD announcements, Video Game News, and more! Be sure to check back here at SaveUsFromObscurity and at @TSilentWatcher regularly to stay up to date with the latest news and reviews!


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