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New Look: KyoryuViolet

June 26, 2013

This is the first official look at KyoryuViolet, who is scheduled to be revealed in an upcoming new episode in July. The Giant Robo will also be revealed. If you don’t want to be spoiled, turn back now.

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KyoryuViolet is Doctor Ulshade, played by no other than the series’ narrator, Shigeru Chiba. He went off-world to conduct research on an asteroid the Deboss Army came with. The show will feature him as he return from researching and now planning to retire as a Kyoryuger.

He was the first to fight alongside Torin in the modern age, and also the one who invented the Gabrevolvers and Zyuden Arms to be used by the modern Kyoryugers, with the help of Yayoi (played by Marie Itoyo), his granddaughter.

Plezuon will be a violet & white colored plesiosaurus. It has three modes: dinosaur mode, a rocket mode, and a humanoid mecha form called Plezu-Oh, which can be utilized via “Rocket Transformation”. Plezuon can combine with Bunpachy to form Plezuon Bunpachy. Add Gabutyra to the formation to form Exploding Kyoryuzin.

BONUS: First look at… Dark Species Deboss? Arriving also in July

Meanwhile, the Deboss’s leader, the Dark Species Deboss will be revived in the 22nd episode “It can’t be! Deboss Revived”. But it will still be incomplete.

I am disappointed that KyoryuViolet is a guy, on top of being kind of bland looking. I do hope the rumors (can’t find source) of his Granddaughter taking over for him are true.

Deboss is ok looking, but since it is halfway through the series and he’s in an incomplete form, I can forgive Deboss not looking more… threatening.

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