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News: Special Pokemon X & Y Video Message + New Pokemon

July 5, 2013

We have a special message from Mr. Masuda of Game Freak. This message was for the attendees of the Japan Expo 2013. For those unaware, the expo is a convention dedicated to Japanese popular culture, and takes place in Paris the first few days of July every year. Seeing as this blog is partially dedicated to Japanese Superheroes (and this video gives new information on Pokemon X & Y, which will be reviewed here on the blog), I decided to make a special news post with the video. Enjoy!

Pokemon X & Y arrive in stores on October 12th.

Are you ready for July? San Diego Comic Con is almost here! And in addition, a few big DVD announcements and more are on the way! E3 and the Licensing Expo may be over, but the big announcements and reveals have only just begun! Multiple DVDs/Graphic Novel will be released! And beyond this month lies even bigger arrivals! Are you prepared for what’s to come? Follow the upcoming news wave by checking out the main site regularly for official news posts, reviews, and more! You can also follow the official twitter account for breaking news, as well as other crazy rambling from a mad man! Summer may be half way over, but that doesn’t mean the content is slowing down. Welcome to the second half of 2013. Things are just about to heat up!


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