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News: New Pikmin 3 Information

July 8, 2013

We have additional info on Pikmin 3 from NintendoEverything. Here’s the scoop:

First, the back of the game’s Japanese boxart appears to reconfirm 1080p support and worldwide leaderboards. We previously knew that Pikmin 3 would support the ability to upload scores online of some sort.

A few more Pikmin 3 bits can be found below, courtesy of Gamereactor:

– Improved AI for the Pikmin
– Pikmin may become frustrated, take their own initiatives, etc.
White and purple Pikmin only appear in multiplayer
– You can point your Wiimote at the Wii U GamePad screen
Rainbow onion lets you produce different Pikmin types at once
– You collect abilities such as increased whistle range or shield
– New nice transition-landscape sections
Olimar, Louie have a role in the story, leave clues.
Pikmin 3 is 3x Pikmin 1′s length

I’m somewhat disappointed to hear that the white and purple pikmin are multiplayer only. Especially the white pikmin. I’m very glad to hear that a Rainbow onion is available, that will make life a little bit easier in-game. But the big pieces of info are that Olimar and Louie have a role in the story, and that Pikmin 3 is significantly longer than the first game.

Pikmin 3 comes out on August 4th. The game will be reviewed here on the blog.

Are you ready for July? San Diego Comic Con is almost here! And in addition, a few big DVD announcements and more are on the way! E3 and the Licensing Expo may be over, but the big announcements and reveals have only just begun! Multiple DVDs/Graphic Novel will be released! And beyond this month lies even bigger arrivals! Are you prepared for what’s to come? Follow the upcoming news wave by checking out the main site regularly for official news posts, reviews, and more! You can also follow the official twitter account for breaking news, as well as other crazy rambling from a mad man! Summer may be half way over, but that doesn’t mean the content is slowing down. Welcome to the second half of 2013. Things are just about to heat up!


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