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Retro Game Review: Kirby’s Dream Land (Game Boy)

July 14, 2013

As a trial run in July, SaveUsFromObscurity will be doing Retro Game Reviews. We’ll be looking at games available through either the 3DS or Wii U Virtual Console. If it’s still fun to write these reviews, you’ll start to see more of them in the future. Feel free to comment with any critiques/thoughts on the review and the game! Thanks!

Kirby’s Dream Land was the first appearance and first game of the character known as Kirby. The very popular Nintendo character’s roots go back to the Game Boy, eventually moving on to the NES and additional sequels on the Game Boy and other handhelds. Today, we look back at the pink copycat’s origins and see if the game that started it all still holds up today.

The Basics: Gameplay and Graphics

In his first game, Kirby isn’t quite the same hero with the abilities people know him for today. He can suck in enemies and float by sucking in air, but he can’t copy or do many of the things people know him for. He can shoot enemies/objects he sucks in though at other enemies/objects. Basically, the game is a very simple platformer, just with modified gameplay as Kirby has different abilities than say… Mario.

For a Game Boy game, it honestly looks pretty good. The art style and characters are creative, and for old and new players it gives off a great nostalgic/retro feeling while playing it. The Game Boy was just starting to improve graphically around this time compared to Super Mario Land, and for a Retro game holds up very well.

Story: What are you trying to do?

King Deedee stole all the food from the residents of Dream Land. Kirby has to go get it back. Get to it!

Issues: Does it have any flaws worth noting?

I see no major issues with this game. Any critiques I could think of would probably be me comparing the game to later additions in the Kirby series. So, nope, I’ve got nothing.

The Recommendation: Is this game right for you?

There’s a lot of people and a lot of reasons why people enjoy playing video games. From those looking for a solo experience, to those looking to entertain. Let’s see whether or not Kirby’s Dream Land can appeal to you.

For Solo Players: This is a fantastic game to get those new to platforming games hooked on this type of game. It’s simple, fun, and for its time, very creative. The characters are creative, the atmosphere is fun, the gameplay is great! However, it is a very easy game, as it was designed for beginner players. Those looking for a challenge will find this game to be lacking. But, if you’re a fan of great, addicting gameplay, I can’t help but recommend it. Just because it’s an easy game doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. And maybe that’s the attraction of the Kirby series. Fun gameplay and a fantastic looking world to play in. Isn’t that what brought us all to play video games in the first place?

I highly recommend this game for those looking for a game to kill time. It’s one of those games that’s very easy to play a level for a few seconds/minutes while you have some spare time.

For those with more than one player: Single player game. Sorry guys.

For those looking for a good story: … Did you read the above paragraph?

Overall: Another fun and addicting handheld game, Kirby’s Dream Land is another retro game I highly recommend for those looking to buy from the 3DS eShop’s Virtual Console library. It’s a great game to get you excited about playing retro games and is very easy to jump into. It just might not be for those wanting a challenge. But if fun gameplay is a good enough reason to sacrifice challenge, then it should be more than good enough for you.

Thanks for reading this review! Feel free to critique/comment about the review, or talk about your experiences with the game!

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