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Retro Game Review: Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy)

July 21, 2013

As a trial run in July, SaveUsFromObscurity will be doing Retro Game Reviews. We’ll be looking at games available through either the 3DS or Wii U Virtual Console. If it’s still fun to write these reviews, you’ll start to see more of them in the future. Feel free to comment with any critiques/thoughts on the review and the game! Thanks!

If you haven’t seen the previous review for Super Mario Land, click the link to read it. Should cover most of the information on this series. This is the second game in the Super Mario Land trilogy, which sets up for Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, which both concludes the Super Mario Land trilogy and is the first official title in the Wario Land series, as well as the first game in the Wario franchise.

Like Super Mario Land, this was my first time playing the game. So, was it worth it? Let’s check it out.

The Basics: Gameplay and Graphics

If you’ve played Super Mario Land, or played any Mario game for that matter, you know what to do. It’s a platforming game. You try to get Mario to the end of the level. You have to not fall off the screen or get hit by enemies too many times. You can also jump on some enemies. Pretty self-explanatory.

Graphics for this game are significantly better than the previous title. Probably because the Game Boy had been out for a few years and they had time to work with the hardware and make titles look significantly better, just like with all systems. It’s a very good looking, creative, Game Boy game.

Story: What are you trying to do?

Following the events of Super Mario Land, Mario returns home to his castle (apparently he had one at one point? Guess he gave it up eventually for the classic small house he has today), only to find that the mysterious, evil Wario has taken it over! (I’m pretty sure everyone knows what Wario looks like, so the photo above isn’t exactly a spoiler.) Your mission, collect the 6 Golden Coins from the bosses Wario gave them to for safe keeping and break back into your castle to defeat Wario! (You may actually recognize one of these bosses. See below…)

It has become apparent to me (although this may be common knowledge to many) that the Super Mario Land trilogy might be less about Mario, but more of an origin tale for Wario (and because of the first game, Daisy.) The final boss of the first game may have set Mario up to leave the castle so Wario could take over. This entire trilogy could be considered the origin story for the character Wario.

Issues: Does it have any flaws worth noting?

It is somewhat annoying that if you lose all your lives, you have to fight every boss again and re-collect the 6 coins to have a shot at the final battle. I imagine many Game Boy owners would be getting ticked off by this. However, the 3DS Virtual Console menu allows you to bypass this. Although I’m sure more advance players will be fine with playing the intended way.

Other than that, no major issues as far as I can tell.

The Recommendation: Is this game right for you?

There’s a lot of people and a lot of reasons why people enjoy playing video games. From those looking for a solo experience, to those looking to entertain. Let’s see whether or not Super Mario Land 2 can appeal to you.

For Solo Players: I’m pretty sure my Super Mario Land review’s “For Solo Players” section can be copied and pasted here. Feel the exact same way about this game as I do that game. It’s a fun game for solo players, and is great for killing a few minutes.

For those with more than one player: It’s a single player game.

For those looking for a good story: It’s a Mario game. You shouldn’t be playing this for a grand epic.

Overall: This game is significantly better than the original, and I highly recommend that you get it if you are a virtual console owner. If you’re a Mario fan, this is a must-buy. If you’re a retro gamer, this is also a must-buy. Get it, it’s a great game!

Thanks for reading this Retro Review! Feel free to critique it below, and give your additional thoughts on the review or the game! Stay tuned for another Retro Review coming soon!

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