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New Look: Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Dragon

July 27, 2013

Spoilers below for Kamen Rider Wizard’s Special Movie Form


So, in the movie it appears that Wizard’s movie exclusive form (I’m guessing its movie exclusive, the scans only show it in relation to the In Magic Land movie) is Infinity Dragon, kind of a cross between All Dragon and Infinity Styles. This form is activated with the Finish Strike Wizard Ring.

This new form will be used to battle Kamen Rider Sorcerer. It’s finishing move will be a kick with Dragon’s head on Wizard’s leg.

The last picture is much the same, except it shows the character of Shina becoming Mage and being attacked by Phoenix and Medusa. It also shows the Flower Wizard Ring…which does something.

We will see this new form in action, along with all other movie exclusive stuff, when the movie can be seen outside of Japan during its DVD release. Probably around January as per usual.

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