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New Look: KyoryuRed Carnival + New General

July 27, 2013

Spoilers below for the upgraded KyoryuRed.


“Another round of magazine scans has surface giving us our first real look at King Daigo’s powerup form, KyoryuRed Carnival! This special armor form is unlocked with a new weapon, the Gabutyra DeCarnival”

It’s a very weird looking armored form, that goes without saying. Not my favorite upgraded form (in terms of looks). We’ll see how it appears in show. Unknown at this time when it will appear. I’m going to assume it is very soon though.

Next up, our newest general: Endolf, the Knight of Regrets!

This general should hopefully be making an appearance in the near future.

We are almost done with the Kyoryuger Toys everyone! One more Kyoryuger is waiting to make an appearance, along with some of the final zords. And then, as usual, the fun begins! Stay tuned!

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