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News: First Scans of KyoryuRed Carnival Special Attachments + Extra

August 28, 2013

WARNING: These scans show the first look/give spoiler information on upcoming episodes of the show. If you want to go into the episodes without knowing potential story spoilers, skip this post.

Here’s the first scans of KyoryuRed Carnival’s Special Attachments, as well as something extra coming in the near future…


Previously revealed in the toy catalogs, KyoryuRed Carnival have the ability to attach other ZYudenryu to its arm, in a similar way Gabutyra does, using other Beast Batteries. Above is KyoryuRed Sanba Carnival, KYoryuRed with Stegotchi and Dricera Arm attachments. One can say that it’s a human form of Kyoryuzin!

(The next photo) is KyoryuRed Western Carnival with Parasagun and Zakutor arms. You can also see above KyoryuRed Macho Carnival, which have both Ankydon and Dricera arm attachments.

(The third photo has) KyoryuRed Kung-Fu Carnival with no other than Ankydon and Bunpachy arm attachments. KyoryuRed is now INVINCIBLE!

With the almost never-ending use of Beast Batteries, Yayoi created more Beast Batteries for each of the Kyoryugers, making Beast Batteries #1 to #5 six each, and #7 through #9 three each. This would allow the team to utilize more Beast Batteries in battle. Each battery will have a sole purpose, 1 for transformation, 1 for Zyuden Arms, 1 for mecha, 1 for finisher, 1 for Carnival (for Red, while others for attachments), and an extra one.

(The final photo features) KyoryuRed Carnival’s finisher, the Zyuden Carnival Finish. Inset, you can see the battle between Dogold and Endolf, and the latter’s battle against KyoryuGold. Additionally, a photo previews the return of KyoryuCyan and KyoryuGray.

And what is this?! Torin and Kyoryuzin are fighting each other? What’s happening now?! Moreover, silhouettes of Bragigas and KyoryuSilver was previewed in the magazine. It is expected that they will debut during the October episodes of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

This site will continue to cover any new rangers/power-ups that appear in scans. As stated above, KyoryuSilver’s first look should come around Next Month. Stay tuned!


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