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DVD News: Power Rangers Legacy: First 20 Years Collection Info Updates

Source: Rangercrew

In three days, pre-orders will be available (on Shout Factory’s site only) for the Power Rangers Legacy Collection. This is a limited release and will only be available to 2,000 people. It will include all 20 seasons of Power Rangers (from MMPR to Megaforce). The set will cost $650 with Free Shipping (Remember, this set has EVERY episode of Power Rangers up to the final episode of this year’s season.) For those who have yet to get the Box Sets, this collection will have EVERY special feature from all box sets released PLUS an exclusive bonus disc just for the Legacy Collection.

The Legacy Collection will be shipped out on December 3rd. But remember: it is only available to 2,000 people. So, if you want the collection, you should probably order it when made available on September 10th. More information on the Legacy Collection can be seen in the source link above. Big Thanks to Rangercrew for the news updates on this collection.


DVD News: Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad Volume 2 Box Art and Final Release Date

Source: TVShowsOnDVD

The second half of Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, the adaptation of Gridman and one of two Ameri-Toku adaptation that was not created by Saban Brands/Related to Power Rangers, will arrive in stores on October 1st! This will ensure all Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad fans can own every episode on the show on DVD (Unlike two other non-PR Ameri-Toku shows, which may not be as lucky.)

At this time, pre-orders are not available on the DVD from Amazon. However, you can pre-order it on Mill Creek’s site. This page will be updated once the Amazon Pre-order link is available.  (Update #1: Pre-orders are now up on Amazon!)

New Trailer: Rayman Legends Launch Trailer

Rayman Legends will be reviewed here on the site. It will be one of four games that is a part of the site’s End-Of-The-Year review spree, for games unable to begin playthroughs around the time of their launch. For updates on when exactly Rayman Legends will be reviewed, check the sidebar on the site regularly.

New Trailer: Pokemon X & Y Kanto Starters and Mega Evolutions

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y arrive in stores on October 12th. Pokemon Y will be reviewed here on the site. For updates on when to expect the review for the game, check the sidebar.

Game Review: Mario & Luigi Dream Team

This review is intended to be spoiler free. Any discussion about the game’s plot will not spoil major parts of game. Gameplay photos are from the game’s Amazon page, which you can check out here if you want to buy the game.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the fourth installment in the Mario & Luigi series, one of two major Super Mario RPG series (the other being the Paper Mario series, which released a new installment late last year.) One could consider this game to be the 10th anniversary title of the Mario & Luigi series, as the first title released back in November 2003. The series focuses on using both of the Mario Bros in special combat, combining elements of your standard RPG gameplay and strategy with additional forms of gameplay, both outside of combat, and during combat to mix-up fights against enemies a bit.

Releasing in August 2013 (for North America, the rest of the world received the game in July) as the first title on the Nintendo 3DS, this title is one of many hit 3DS RPG games to release this year. In a sea of great titles that have come out (Fire Emblem: Awakening, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Etrian Odyssey IV) and are coming in the future, is Mario & Luigi: Dream Team worth your time and money? As a newcomer to the franchise (Yes, I haven’t played previous games in the series. My apologies, this review will be coming from a newcomer perspective, and won’t be judged based on the previous titles), I wondered that myself.

Regardless, let’s dive into this title and see the worth of one game’s dream.

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